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Transforming with Smart City Tourism

Smart tourism enables any city or town to leverage cloud technologies to create an integrated hospitable and cultural experience to keep tourists engaged. We partner with you and develop the plan for your transformation.

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Formulating Smart Tourism Transformation Journey

Formulating Smart Tourism Case

With a multi-pronged assessment in hand, we facilitate roundtables with stakeholders and build the case for change.

Establishing Public Private Partnerships

Simplifying complexities is key to sustainable growth and to accomplish this it takes public private partnership.

Smart Tourism Solution Configuration

Every city and community is unique and we help with configuration of the solution that will work for you.

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Smart City Tourism Solution Features

Smart Tourism Solution is designed with the inclusion of small, medium and large sized communities to serve their tourists/visitors. The solution is rapidly scalable and can be made live to meet your business goals in just weeks.

Smart Itinerary Builder

Enabling tourists to create their personalized itinerary via mobile and/or onsite kiosks powered by AI.

Merchant Powered Marketplace

Driving digital eCommerce marketplace for local merchants to access local and global customers.

Parking Management

Helping tourist/visitors to find parking easily based on their itinerary.

Public Wi-Fi

Providing access to help tourists/visitors to experience your city without interruptions.

Smart Insights

Providing the city to access insights on tourist/visitor experiences with integrated business intelligence.

Dashboard & Analytics

Empowering the city to quickly see the state of the tourism for rapid decision making.

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