Really, you are doing yourself a big favor by forgiving the other person.




A note about this limited edition print:


Forgiving is a very interesting concept. Most people think that they are doing a favor to the other person when they choose to forgive. That’s only a half-truth.

In reality, this is what happens:

You are on the short end of the stick and you feel wronged. The other person walks away and one of the two things happen later. The other person realizes his or her mistake and apologizes. Or, the person forgets about the whole thing and moves on. On your side, you now have a choice to make - to move on or keep thinking about how you were wronged and how this whole thing was unfair to you. Like a broken record that keeps playing the same song, you keep playing that scenario again and again. Every time, you feel the same pain (may be at various levels depending on what else happened to you on that day) and your misery continues.

Unless, unless you put an end  to it.

You can do that by forgiving the other person and moving on. Really, you are doing yourself a big favor by forgiving the other person.

More About this Print:

Printed on card stock.

8.5" x 11" Limited edition. Signed. Only 499 prints.

Note: $5 donated (for every sale) to one of my favorite charities - Room to Read


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