"Meylah's ability to send our digital patterns instantly we thought that would be best for our type of business. Not to mention we thought the overall layout and the 'blog' feel of the shop was very cute and easy to navigate through. We are having an awesome time working with Meylah!"

- Ashleigh of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

"I just wanted to let you know I am VERY impressed with everything I have seen here. I just listed my first item last night and already had my first sale today! I appreciate all the information I have seen here about setting up shop and all the resources you have been so generous with! I am sure you guys will catch on in a big way, just wanted to thank you for having me and to wish you continued success!!"

- Carla of Delta Moon Soap

"Wow, thank you so much! My new storefront looks so much better now, thanks to Meylah's very, very helpful tutorials on banners, social networking, etc."

- Cheryl of Attitude and Apron

"I LOOOOOVE MEYLAH!!!!! I have just started fiddling away, but I really really really really love it. My favorite part is how I can tell a little story about each product. It's so great, and such a unique platform. I also really like how the blog part is scrollable, but the product information on the right remains stationary. That's perfect!"

- Dionne of City of Dionne

"I really can't say enough about the new marketplace/blog/learning resource of Meylah. I joined Meylah last year and it has proved to be an excellent marketplace."

- Evelyn of Evelyn McCPeters Art

"I am so happy that Meylah offers a blog with the store front. I am having fun writing things about my art work that I wouldn't have considered talking about. I will be going to other blogs to explore all options in promoting my work and your site. Thanks!"

- France of France Lee Design

"I finished creating my first tutorial. I seriously LOVE this!"

- Holly of Accounting SPOT

"I have a great deal of products on other marketplaces, but I like the whole concept and look you have better."

- Kristin of Northern Posessions Art Glass Studio

"Hi! I love the Meylah Marketplace! I can't wait to go home and make more jewelry for my store!"

- Melissa of Eyestigmatic Jewelry

"Thank you so much for your timely response! So far I find Meylah to be quite inspiring, and am looking forward to giving it a go. I'll be using the free shop for now, while I get familiar with how things work, and will most likely upgrade in the near future."

- Miriam of Mimitopia

"Meylah fits all the criteria I was looking for in a website company. I can update, enhance, change and explain my product so easily. It looks professional yet friendly, organized yet personal. I'm confident that my customers will have an enhanced experience shopping my site not only because it's straightforward, but because my product is complemented by the blog. I'm extremely pleased with Meylah, and will be their loyal customer forever!"

- Rachael of Happy Hollis Design

"I got my second order today! Yahoo! I just wanted to say that I'm loving Meylah--it's working out so well for me. I love that I can blog and sell stuff. It's so easy. I love how it keeps track of my orders complete with what they ordered, the amount, the customer name and address--that's so brilliant!"

- Rachael of Happy Hollis Design

"I'm really enjoying having my shop here on Meylah- it's soooo easy compared to most e-commerce sites."

- Rebekah of 504 Stitches

"Nice job on the Member Newsletter! Great tips and easy to read."

- Sandra of MyWares Marketing

"Fantastic! You all are great. I'm so excited!"

- Tiffany of sojourney, us

"There's the art of business, and then there's the business of art. The two intersect at the site Meylah, where creative people of all types can learn how to make their businesses more successful. In companies fueled by creativity - publishing, music, art - this is a particular challenge. When should you be creative, and when should you be businesslike? While the times overlap and blur, Meylah - the name of which comes from a Sanskrit word for "gather" - is committed to helping such businesses online. In a variety of articles and interviews, there's entrepreneurial advice and social networking know-how, such as how to write product descriptions and iPhone apps for creatives. The whole site is a classy lesson in professionalism. Now that's an art in itself!"

- Mary

"First of all, I love what you do, and what a great resource you are for me as an emerging artist/entrepreneur. Thanks for all you do!"

- Carole

"I'm new to your blog, and I write you to thank you Meylah! I live in Berlin (but i'm Chilean) and with a friend we started in June 2010 our own handmade business, we refurbish vintage furniture. The thing is that we started with a lot of ideas but not with a lot of knowledge. We have a small beautiful store that nobody enters...but reading your blog has made me aware of what things I can do, change and expect! Anyway, I wanted to say "Thanks!" I enjoy reading you and I take notes like a school student. Thanks again, and my best wishes for your business in this 2011."

- Mariane

"I want to tell you that your customer service is wonderful. Thank you."

- Sharon

"I've said it before & its worth repeating. The blog @Meylah is the most helpful blog for creative people. I love it! It has helped me in numerous ways. I have learned so many little tricks. Thanks for the info! Keep it coming!"

- Maria

"Your blog is very inspiring!"

- Victoria

"Thank you for all your help and advice - great articles! I'm still learning and growing."

- Nicolette

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