About Meylah

Meylah powers social storefronts for Independent and Small Businesses to sell in multiple marketplaces easily! Meylah also enables communities to create their own destination commerce portal to connect buyers and sellers easily!

Meylah's vision and mission is to create network of communities across the world so they can connect their buyers and sellers easily.

Each one of us is a part of a community and we want to support our community may it your city, your passion, your charities or a college club. With the evolution of internet and the need to have access at anytime and anyplace, it is very difficult for most communities to embrace these changes with their limited resources and expertise.

Meylah understands that a community is a lot stronger that an individual and by supporting communities all members of the community benefit. Meylah's marketplace platform enables communities to create their own branded, curated, automated and customized online destination commerce portal so they can connect their buyers and sellers in one place. With this asset which takes minutes to get started, communities can now create the engagement that is sustainable, scalable and has the opportunity to generate new revenue for the community and the sellers.

The uniqueness of Meylah's platform is that the seller also gets to create their own branded social storefront to sell on their own and also sell via multiple community based marketplace. These sellers (small businesses) can sell their products and services in one place and attract local and global customers all in one place.

Our Values