Cloud Cosell Marketing As A Service
We empower alliance and marketing leaders to build Cosell GTM with Cloud Hyperscalers, accelerate joint marketing outcomes and automate demand generation workflows to win and nurture customers.



With 60% of customers appreciating the convenience of marketplaces, Forrester is predicting that 17% of the $13 trillion in B2B spend would flow to marketplaces by 2023. It is estimated that companies co-selling with Cloud Hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Google, AWS and others is expected to be over $300 billion!

Cloud Cosell Marketing is a new marketing strategy where both companies work together to develop a joint Cosell GTM framework that aligns with both companies’ goal & objectives, helps create demand generation, leverage cloud marketplaces, and shows the strength of the joint brand between the two companies.

A Case for Investing in Strategic Cosell GTM with Cloud Hyperscalers

Are you tired of playing catch-up with the competition in terms of technology and innovation? It’s time to take your business to the next level with strategic GTM and cloud hyperscalers.

Investing in a Cosell GTM strategy and leveraging cloud hyperscalers can help businesses achieve higher levels of efficiency, speed, and scalability.

Read the full blog post where we explore the benefits of these cutting-edge technologies and how your business can stay ahead of the curve.

Receive A Complimentary  Cosell Marketing Consultation and Report

The Cosell Marketing landscape is changing, and now is the time to reevaluate your strategies and realign with customer behavior. 

A vast majority of B2B companies are moving to cloud marketplaces, serving as the retail arm of cloud marketplaces and leading in AI, machine learning and big data initiatives.

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Meylah’s Cosell Marketing “As-A-Service” Solution

Meylah’s Cosell Marketing “As-A-Service” empowers CEO’s, CRO’s, Alliance and Marketing leaders to build strategic cosell GTM, accelerate joint marketing activities and automate demand generation workflows to win and nurture customers.  At least, that’s what Meylah has done for other corporations, making us the market leaders for both the Microsoft and Google ecosystems.



Our Cosell Marketing and Sales Enablement Services

Cosell Business & Solution Plan

  • Cosell Solution Narrative & Business Plan
  • Joint Solution Value Proposition
  • Strategic GTM Plan, Calendar and Activities
  • Cloud Marketplace Adoption Plan
  • Essential Content Bill of Materials
  • Joint Stakeholder and Project Management

Cosell B2B Demand Generation

  • GTM Content Development
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Solution Focused Campaign Execution
  • Industry Event Integration
  • Landing Page and Lead Magnets
  • Marketplace Focused Campaigns

Cosell B2B Sales Enablement

  • Cosell Concierge Desk
  • Customer List Mapping and Engagement
  • MQL Lead Selection
  • Seller & Sales Play Mapping
  • Sales Enablement Bill Of Materials
  • Cosell Days Preparation & Coordination
  • Sales Play Content and Videos

Cosell GTM Workflow Automation

  • Campaign and Content Tagging
  • Cosell Event Automation
  • Content Development and Curation Workflows
  • MDF, Proof of Effort & Cosell Benefit Management
  • Marketing Activities & Calendar Management
  • Marketplace Listing and Private Offers Management


Chaitra and the Meylah team brought us the strategic thinking and framework we needed to launch a new AI and Machine Learning workshop program with our partners. Meylah helped us identify and create all the end-to-end components necessary to make the program a success.  From providing strategic planning to creating presentations and communications narratives to gain executive support, and consulting on the demand generation campaign to launch the program, Meylah was with us every step of the way. Their vast experience working with cloud partner programs made them a trusted resource and their collaborative approach made them feel like a true extension of our team.  We look forward to teaming with Meylah for many more strategic co-marketing partner program launches in the future.

Ann Baker, Director, Teradata Corporation

Featured WEBINAR: Leading Cosell Marketing Strategy with Right Fundamentals

Cosell marketing has seen unprecedented growth so far in 2022 and there’s nothing slowing it down. From IoT, green data centers, and geographic emphasis learn what’s next. Knowing the fundamentals of cosell marketing will help you not only find the right partner, but navigate the relationship once it has been established.

FREE! Top 10 Critical Cosell Go-To-Market 

Assets you MUST HAVE

This checklist for SaaS Founders and Alliance Managers covers 10 critical GTM assets you must have so you can accelerate cosell partnership with Cloud Hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Google and others.

It’s all the principles we have used to help over 500+ customers to develop strategic cosell partnerships

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Meylah’s Cosell Event-As-A-Service solution exceeded our expectations in every way. Not only did it drive our business objectives of brand awareness, demand generation, and strengthening partnership with Microsoft, but it also provided a 5-star virtual event experience for our attendees. We received positive feedback and achieved our top business goals as a result. Thank you, Meylah, for helping us achieve our business goals and delivering a successful virtual event.

Isabel, RCLICK


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