ESG Go-To-Market Development As A Service
We empower Chief Digital Officers, Sustainability Officers and Marketing leaders to build ESG GTM with Strategic Communities and Brands to accelerate Corporate ESG outcomes and automate workflows to develop annuals reports seamlessly.

About ESG Go-TO-Market Development With Communities


ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Go-to-Market with Communities refers to a business approach in which companies take into account the ESG concerns of specific communities in order to design and market their products or services in a way that is socially responsible and sustainable. This involves considering the specific ESG-related needs and values of different communities, and then creating products or services that are tailored to meet those needs. This approach is typically used by companies that are looking to build stronger relationships with local communities and increase their positive impact on the environment, society, and governance. By taking a community-centric approach to ESG, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and build a more sustainable and responsible brand.

ESG Go-to-market development is a new business strategy where companies closely work with communities to develop a joint Go-To-Market framework that aligns with both companies’ goal & objectives, helps create demand generation, leverage marketplaces, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

A Case for Investing in Strategic ESG Go-To-Market with Communities

Investing in ESG Focused Go-to-Market with Communities initiative is an opportunity to support your company that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment, society, and governance. This investment has the potential to deliver strong financial returns while also supporting a sustainable future. Key Benefits Include:

  1. Increased Customer Loyalty: By demonstrating its commitment to ESG and working directly with local communities, your company can build stronger relationships with its customers and increase customer loyalty.

  2. Improved Brand Reputation: Your company can improve its brand reputation by demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and its positive impact on local communities. This can help the company attract new customers and increase its overall market share.

  3. Increased Market Share: By targeting under-served communities with tailored ESG-related energy solutions, your company can increase its market share and become a leader in the industry.

Receive A Complimentary  ESG Go-To-Marketing Consultation

The ESG landscape is changing, and now is the time to reevaluate your strategies and realign with customer behavior. 

A vast majority of B2B companies are moving to adopt Digital ESG Strategies to differentiate their solutions.

Request for a 30 minutes of complimentary  strategic consultation to accelerate your ESG Focused GTM development with Communities and Hyperscalers.

Meylah’s ESG GTM Development with Community “As-A-Service” Solution

We empower Chief Digital Officers, Sustainability Officers and Marketing leaders to build ESG GTM with Strategic Communities and Brands to accelerate Corporate ESG outcomes and automate workflows to develop annuals reports seamlessly.


Our Cosell Marketing and Sales Enablement Services

ESG Go-To-Market Strategy

  • ESG GTM strategy development
  • ESG Value Proposition
  • Strategic GTM Plan, Calendar and Activities
  • Essential Content Bill of Materials
  • Joint Stakeholder and Project Management

ESG Marketing Services

  • GTM Content Development
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Community Based Marketing
  • Solution Focused Campaign Execution
  • Industry Integration
  • Landing Page and Lead Magnets
  • Marketplace Focused Campaigns

ESG Performance Tracking

  • ESG Concierge Desk
  • Community List Mapping and Partnerships
  • Stakeholder and Marketing Plays Mapping
  • ESG Training and Awareness

ESG Workflow Automation

  • ESG Campaign and Content Tagging
  • ESG Event Integration and Automation
  • Content Development and Curation Workflows
  • Marketing Activities & Calendar Management
  • ESG Reporting



Forbes Article: Unlock Growth With These Three Pillars Of Digital ESG Strategy

Embark on a digital ESG journey and reap the rewards of a sustainable future. Embrace the three pillars of digital ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance – to unlock growth, build brand trust, and drive long-term success for your company and the planet.

FREE! Top 5 Critical ESG Positioning Areas you MUST HAVE

This checklist for Sustainability and Marketing Managers officers to develop their ESG Positioning Statement to accelerate partnership with global and local communities. 

Publishing this ESG Position Statement  is designed to describe our current practices, approaches, positions and commitments related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of our business. 

It’s all the principles we have used to help many of our customers to develop strategic ESG positioning statement

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