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The leading turnkey marketplace platform designed for
publishers, enterprises, buy-local organizations, and communities.

Leverage your brand and monetize your audience.

Embrace eCommerce and discover how easily you bring value and new revenue to your businesses and advertisers..It’s your brand, your audience, and your new commerce portal.



Want to Accelerate Your Digital Revenue?

You’re sitting on a gold mine. What if you could generate leads and customers for your advertisers and businesses easily? Give your audience the gift of a branded and oh-so-beautiful marketplace curated with products and services that they will love. You own the audience. You own the marketplace. You own the digital revenue.Cha-ching.



Want to reel in new customers?

You really know your audience. You know what they like and what they need. Now you can showcase resources, offers, and tools they actually want – aggregated from vetted partners within your ecosystem – curated specifically to match their needs … and build loyalty.. The new way to increase your customer base.

Buy-Local Organizations


Want to strengthen your local economy?

Eat local. Shop local. Support local. Help local small businesses show up online in a big way. Not only are you connecting your community with the best local retailers, service providers, freelancers, artists, restaurants, and nonprofits, you are also bringing in a good deal of dough $$$ to support your organization and community.Nice, huh?



Want to capitalize on your niche community?

You’ve done the hard part already. You’ve built a thriving community – whether it’s DIY, electric, auto or “save the rainforest”, you have connected like-minded people together for this purpose. Well done. Now you have the power to connect your community and provide them with commerce (buy and sell) and support your cause. Cash in.

Our Turnkey Solutions

cloud ready, mobile ready, social ready, big data ready



Curate advertisers and businesses easily

Create your own unique and beautifully branded shopping portal for your community with the advertisers and businesses you love and trust most. Leverage your brand, monetize your audience, and generate up to 5 new streams of revenue. Sweet.

Mobile Stores


Generate leads and sales in one place

Launch your mobile-ready store in minutes. Sell products, digital goods, gift cards, special offers, one-of-a-kind experiences, and just about anything and generate leads all-in-one place: your mobile ready storefront.

Digital Analyzer


How ready are you for digital?

Consider this your digital pop quiz. Discover how digital-ready your business is today. We provide a comprehensive assessment tool to give you the info you need to help you make the smartest decisions and investments for your organization. Did we mention it’s FREE!

Digital Coupons


Create coupons in seconds and attract new customers

Ready to intrigue your customers, fans, and network? Give ‘em a reason to connect with you and explore your products and services on a daily basis. Make them want you. Design digital coupons and distribute across the web in minutes. Done and done.

Our Customers in Action

Publishers: Magazine, Newspaper,Radio, Digital Media

Enterprise, Large & Medium Organizations

Buy Local: Go Local, Chambers, Business Associations

Communities: Associations, Colleges, Faith groups

Our Approach

No idea how a marketplace will benefit you? No problem. We partner with you every step of the way to help create a gorgeous shopping portal that matches your brand and vision, while also creating an action plan that matches your revenue goals.



Your audience, your aspirations, and your vision are one-of-a-kind so doesn’t it make sense that your ecommerce approach is also one-of-a-kind? We think so. That’s why we’ve designed the Meylah method, a deep dive session to help us discover the most intelligent action plan for your publication, enterprise, local organization or community.


Set up & Onboard

Strategy, check! Now what? It’s time to build your branded marketplace and populate it with a curated list of merchants and advertisers. We walk you through every step of the way to ensure a launch in less than 30 days. Expect one-on-one support and tutorials that actually make sense. Onboarding has never been so – dare we say it? – fun.



Selling can be easy. Let us show you how to activate up to FIVE new revenue channels. Seriously, we said 1-2-3-4-5. Your marketplace includes the marketing and social media tools you need to share products, services, and offers with a simple click of a button. Create professional campaigns that invite your audience to discover, engage, and purchase from the merchants and advertisers in your branded marketplace 24/7.



We don’t believe in hoopla, we believe in results. And revenue.Because we like when you make money. We also like designing optimal marketplace experiences for your audiences. That’s why we do what we do. Let’s make your people happy. Let’s make some money. You in?


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