Main Street Digital Transformation
Limitless Digital Transformation with ONE Economic Development Platform


Digital Main Streets are a concept that involves using technology to revitalize traditional Main Streets and enhance the shopping experience for local consumers. According to a survey by the National Main Street Center, 82% of Main Street programs have adopted some form of digital technology to enhance their programs and services, 60% of Main Street businesses reported an increase in customer engagement after adopting digital technology and create an average of 1.5 new jobs per program.


Stimulate future economic
growth saving time, money, and resources

Build a prosperous,
digital economy inclusive of all businesses

Support local businesses’
profitability by accessing turnkey technology

Main Street Digital – Business Retention Platform “As-A Service”

Meylah’s Main Street Digital helps Economic Development Directors to deliver DIGITAL business retention solution with their local businesses to get discovered and access customers. 

We work with City’s Economic Development Directors, Chamber of Commerce Leaders and/or Main Street Program Leaders to strategically develop digital business retention solutions to drive local economic development. 

Key Features

Merchant Spotlight Marketplace

  • Create digital spotlight campaigns using Modern and engaging customer experience
  • Compelling business listing
  • Specialized categories
  • Personalized Landing page by Merchant

Merchant Management

  • Automated registration and data collection
  • Rich merchant data management
  • Personalized communication

Aggregation of Offers Through Workflow Automation

  • Showcase Aggregated Offers
  • Automated Workflows
  • Multiple digital commerce transactions and delivery methods
  • Connect easily, conveniently, and safely with local businesses

Real-time Analytics & Insights

  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Create inclusive economic progress
  • Easy to collaborate with stakeholders


Shop Local Kirkland is driven to create a vibrant, prosperous and resilient digital economy for all Kirkland businesses. The Shop Local Kirkland initiative responds to the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Kirkland’s business community and is designed to help local businesses survive and thrive through the negative impacts caused by the global pandemic and beyond. A hyper-local, digital marketplace, Shop Local Kirkland is a vibrant, prosperous and resilient online economy for all Kirkland businesses. The website is your gateway to Kirkland’s unique ecosystem of small businesses, an eclectic and innovative economy of goods, food, drink and services enlivened by local support. The Shop Local Kirkland website showcases small business storefronts on a digital main street, enables eCommerce for all, and connects shoppers to local businesses. Welcome, and thank you for supporting local.

How Does It Work?

Our strategic experts sit with you to understand overall plan and identify quick, easy and ready to launch your main street digital platform within 45 days or less.  After the platform launch, we help you develop the following:

  1. Design and implement your Digital Spotlight GTM campaigns with your businesses

  2. Educate businesses to implement best practices for digital selling

  3. Explore incentive programs to engage citizens and other stakeholders to create economic impact


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