A Case for Investing In Strategic Cosell GTM with Cloud Hyperscalers

Cloud hyperscalers are some of the most innovative and foundational companies out there, and the prospect of starting a partnership with one is an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s little wonder why — these partnerships let businesses leverage the brand power, technical resources, knowledgebase, and sales acumen of a time-tested enterprise.

When it comes to go-to-market strategies, cloud hyperscaler partnerships are invaluable. Through association and collaboration, these partnerships bring massive amounts of awareness, interest, and loyalty to your business. Here’s how you can make the most out of this opportunity.

Co-Innovation Supercharges Novelty

Co-innovation is when two companies share their knowledge, resources, and technology to generate new ideas and discoveries. The power of co-innovation is that it opens up the limits on your business’ collective knowledge, letting your workforce internalize the external knowledge of others.

The result? Two skilled teams coming together to explore the cutting edge of their industry. Co-innovation, then, is an empowering way for businesses to generate innovative product ideas to take to market. It also has a profound effect on employees, who are broken out of their business-as-usual ruts and encouraged to learn new strategies, work with new methods, and collaborate with new teams.

Co-Marketing Fuses Audiences

Co-marketing is when two businesses come together to promote an offer they created together, such as a new service, product, or piece of content. By leveraging both companies’ skill sets and audiences, the product can lead to much higher sales and generate many more leads. These are fertile grounds to execute any go-to-market strategy.

More than that, a co-marketing partnership will also strengthen the core business and give employees prospects for more leads, higher ROI, and less work to close better deals. These are long-lasting, holistic benefits.

Co-Branding Bolsters Credibility 

Often confused with co-marketing, co-branding is when two brands leverage common ground to multiply their exposure to new segments in their industry, often by combining their services and products to make a more valuable one. Of course, co-branding partnerships run much deeper than new fused logos and exciting brand partnership announcements.

After all, a successful co-branding partnership won’t just generate interest and share audiences — it will also share talent, putting your employees in conversation with others and in new environments. This is a refreshing and exciting way for them to expand their skill sets and spread their knowledge.

Co-Selling Multiplies Sales

Co-selling is a partnership in which two businesses join forces to share their customers, often by jointly creating a product or service and offering it to their respective leads and customers. As you can imagine, co-selling can overlap with other collaborative strategies, but at its essence, it focuses on conversion and closing deals.

The case for co-selling for employees is a powerful one. By bringing together the experience and unique strengths of two teams, the co-selling environment is incredibly collaborative and offers many opportunities for personal development and enrichment.

How to Assess Your Preparedness for Cosell GTM Strategies

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After decades of experience working with businesses, enterprises, and cloud hyperscalers, the Meylah team has created a simple-but-powerful six-step guide to co-selling and co-marketing readiness. Ready to get your free preparedness assessment? Once you’re finished, you can join a one-on-one discussion with one of our experts.

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