A Case for Investing In Strategic Cosell GTM with Cloud Hyperscalers

Cloud hyperscalers are some of the most innovative and foundational companies out there, and the prospect of starting a partnership with one is an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s little wonder why — these partnerships let businesses leverage the brand power, technical resources, knowledgebase, and sales acumen of a time-tested enterprise.

When it comes to go-to-market strategies, cloud hyperscaler partnerships are invaluable. Through association and collaboration, these partnerships bring massive amounts of awareness, interest, and loyalty to your business. Here’s how you can make the most out of this opportunity.

Co-Innovation Supercharges Novelty

Co-innovation is when two companies share their knowledge, resources, and technology to generate new ideas and discoveries. The power of co-innovation is that it opens up the limits on your business’ collective knowledge, letting your workforce internalize the external knowledge of others.

The result? Two skilled teams coming together to explore the cutting edge of their industry. Co-innovation, then, is an empowering way for businesses to generate innovative product ideas to take to market. It also has a profound effect on employees, who are broken out of their business-as-usual ruts and encouraged to learn new strategies, work with new methods, and collaborate with new teams.

Co-Marketing Fuses Audiences

Co-marketing is when two businesses come together to promote an offer they created together, such as a new service, product, or piece of content. By leveraging both companies’ skill sets and audiences, the product can lead to much higher sales and generate many more leads. These are fertile grounds to execute any go-to-market strategy.

More than that, a co-marketing partnership will also strengthen the core business and give employees prospects for more leads, higher ROI, and less work to close better deals. These are long-lasting, holistic benefits.

Co-Branding Bolsters Credibility 

Often confused with co-marketing, co-branding is when two brands leverage common ground to multiply their exposure to new segments in their industry, often by combining their services and products to make a more valuable one. Of course, co-branding partnerships run much deeper than new fused logos and exciting brand partnership announcements.

After all, a successful co-branding partnership won’t just generate interest and share audiences — it will also share talent, putting your employees in conversation with others and in new environments. This is a refreshing and exciting way for them to expand their skill sets and spread their knowledge.

Co-Selling Multiplies Sales

Co-selling is a partnership in which two businesses join forces to share their customers, often by jointly creating a product or service and offering it to their respective leads and customers. As you can imagine, co-selling can overlap with other collaborative strategies, but at its essence, it focuses on conversion and closing deals.

The case for co-selling for employees is a powerful one. By bringing together the experience and unique strengths of two teams, the co-selling environment is incredibly collaborative and offers many opportunities for personal development and enrichment.

How to Assess Your Preparedness for Cosell GTM Strategies

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After decades of experience working with businesses, enterprises, and cloud hyperscalers, the Meylah team has created a simple-but-powerful six-step guide to co-selling and co-marketing readiness. Ready to get your free preparedness assessment? Once you’re finished, you can join a one-on-one discussion with one of our experts.

10 Commandments of Cloud Cosell Marketing with Hyperscalers

Not so long ago, the world was much different from how it is now. Economies were strong, opportunities abounded, and the future may seem somewhat predictable. Perhaps you even recall your business’ demand going up to the skies, and clients were to be found all around the corner.

That was until COVID happened. Then everything changed; the world stopped. Economies collapsed, societies isolated themselves from the rest of the world, and doing business was so confusing.

But then, everything started to reactivate from one day to another. New technologies started to appear, and some other old technologies started to evolve. And we needed to adapt quickly.

SaaS businesses and Cloud Solutions started to dominate the market. 

Online businesses also started to grow. 

And with them, they all needed to invest in a sustainable digital marketing strategy.

And for those who chose this path, Cloud Cosell Marketing was a new and excellent choice of starting over to create a predictable demand engine and brand amplification for their business.

But, if you’re new to this world of Cloud Cosell Marketing, what is it anyway? And how can you profit from it?

Cloud Co-Sell Marketing is a new marketing strategy where both companies work together to develop a joint GTM framework that aligns with both companies’ goal & objectives, helps create demand generation, leverage cloud marketplaces, and shows the strength of the joint brand between the two companies.

At first, it may sound a little bit tricky to understand. But it is basically when two companies join forces to generate new leads and business opportunities through joint marketing activities such as events, content development and others.

However! And to start your co-selling marketing adventure on the right foot, you must follow 10 Cloud Cosell Marketing Commandments. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Secure Executive Sponsorship

We all need a sponsor for our projects, and that’s how it is. Sponsors are the key for companies and organizations to achieve tremendous diversity—whether in their members and ideas, creating incredible business results.

2. Articulate Strategic Value & Impact

This applies to every business on Earth. You only need to remember that it is not about ‘what’ your cosell product is, and instead, ‘why’ they need your cosell-ready product. Three easy steps for articulating value are:

  • Reflect your customer’s desires and challenges.
  • Describe how your Co-Sell ready product or service will change their lives.
  • Finish with some facts about your Co-Sell ready product (the what).

3. Getting Fundamentals rights

Don’t ever forget that you’re in the Cloud Co-Sell world. Every Hyperscaler has its own rules, conditions, and ways to do business. Before engaging with a Hyperscaler such as Microsoft, Google or AWS ensure you understand what they want and how they roll. The fundamentals consist of Messaging, Content, Marketplace Listing, Joint Consumption Goals, etc.

4. Alliance + Marketing Team Collaboration is critical

Two are better than one. When you think of a marketing team, the first thing that comes to mind is that they will focus on achieving just marketing goals. However, when you start thinking of an Alliance team, it is more oriented to working to achieve cosell marketing goals.

It might sound similar. But, establishing this collaboration between both teams is critical for your cosell marketing in general. And in most cases, companies fail when they can’t articulate to put both teams to work together.

5. Plan for the year, execute in quarters

Just like you, your company should have goals in the long run. And to achieve these goals, you better have a plan for it. A good way to make some progress is to set annual Co-Sell marketing goals and continuously execute and track them every quarter.

6. Co-Sell events are your #1 B2B demand generator

A good Co-Sell event is the step door to a whole new world of business opportunities. As this title says, it is your #1 B2B Demand generator. So you better put all of your efforts into engaging real potential customers to join your event. That’s why Cloud Co-Sell Marketing with Events is so important. It is your one tool to secure more deals and create more business opportunities!

7. Organize Dream Team that can execute

Teamwork makes the dream work. Make sure you surround yourself with people that are passionate about cosell, and what they do and can contribute to making your company goals be realized through cosell marketing activities.

8. Implement Co-Sell Marketing Coordination Engine

Every ship needs its captain. And Cloud cosell marketing teams are no exception. If you have been sailing the cosell marketing world lately, you’ve probably noticed that it’s more complex than it seems. A lot of multitasking is involved, and someone has to ensure you’re heading the right way. 

When you have defined a coordination engine for your company, your team can achieve goals, receive clear direction, manage resources and assign properly, and keep track of progress. So make sure your company has a good coordination engine. Because when things get spicy, you’ll definitely need it.

9. Proof of execution matters

The title is a bit self-explanatory. According to lawinsider.com, Proof of Execution means documented and verifiable evidence that the company or a third party acting on the company’s behalf has completed a Marketing Activity.  Document the proof of execution for invoicing for MDF funding.

10. Start with the Customer List and Lead with a Customer list

Before thinking about where you’re heading, you need to know where you are. Knowing your customer is perhaps the most essential asset of Co-Sell Marketing. It will allow your team to gain more prospects, create the right engagement, and monetize your investments.

Now that you know the importance of knowing your ideal customer, it is time to build a Customer list. But why is that helpful for your business? Simple. Remember that we’re talking about marketing! Having a list of targeted customers will increase the probability of engagement, therefore, securing more deals.

Just remember that your customer list is like a plant. You need to nurture it in order to grow. And don’t limit yourself to a static list. Expand it! Add more names to your list, and follow the previous 9 commandments.

Success is almost certain!

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