#CosellVelocity Inaugural Digital Marketing Summit | Jan18, 2022

Over the last 6 months we did lot of research on Cloud Cosell GTM as we were invited to do lot of GTM development for many enterprise companies. Plus, all the SMB companies were also reaching out to us. Something changed after July.

To understand the need, we developed the research and have some stunning results and we believe we need to host a digital summit to help companies develop their Cloud Cosell GTM strategies to generate demand and customers. We believe, you already know that 43% of enterprise buyers say their top reason for purchasing through marketplaces is to take full advantage of co-selling with cloud hyperscalers. Maybe this is causing that demand.

To achieve the vision of supporting the partner channel ecosystem in this journey, we are organizing #COSELLVELOCITY, the most comprehensive digital marketing summit bringing Cosell GTM players and cloud solution decision makers together to learn and develop solution focused GTM. This unique summit is designed for audience to walk away with their solution focused & proven GTM strategies with leading cloud hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM etc.

This upcoming January 18th, a new chapter in the Cloud Cosell Digital Marketing is happening with #CosellVelocity Digital Marketing Summit.

If yours is a Cloud Cosell ready solution or a SaaS company, perhaps you’ve noticed how fast this industry has grown in the last couple of years. And even more! You probably have helped this to happen.

Nowadays, everything seems to be in the Cloud: Our memories, photos, favorite music, shows and movies, and more. But most importantly, the way we do business.

And as an Cloud Cosell Alliance Manager or SaaS Business Owner, we are convinced that you’re always seeking new ways to grow your company, get new customers, and of course, secure more and more deals.

Well, we have some exciting news for you! Because this is just what the #CosellVelocity Digital Marketing Summit is about.

So, let me share with you 5 things you can expect from #CosellVelocity:

1. We’re getting all players together.

Although it will be a digital event, the Summit will bring together every CoSell GTM player and Cloud solution decision-maker. You’ll learn and develop solution-focused GTM strategies for Cloud Hyperscalers.

2. Get all your questions answered by the industry’s leading voices.

Ask questions, learn, and connect with our Cosell Marketing Clinic experts and get back on track on your Cosell journey.

3. Leverage all the incredible sessions we’ve prepared for you.

From keynotes, workshops, and panels, you’ll learn about trends, Cosell fundamentals, leading GTM strategies for your Cloud Solution, and more about Cosell Marketing with Hyperscalers.

4. Take our free Cloud Cosell GTM assessment.

An incredible way of gaining tremendous insight into your Cosell marketing readiness with Cloud Hyperscalers. An invaluable asset for those diving into the Cosell world for the first time. Take a free assessment today!

5. And, of course, we’ll be making history together!

That’s right! Did you know that this will be the industry’s first Digital Marketing Summit focused on building marketing strategies for coselling with Cloud Hyperscalers? And the best part: It will be totally free for everyone.

This short blog post only summarizes some of the great experiences and knowledge you’ll get from participating in the Summit.

That means there’s one thing left to do: register!

And you can do it just by accessing this link: https://cosellvelocity.com/

You can visit the #CoSellVelocity website at {link} for more information about the Summit.

The countdown has started! We’ll see you all at the event.

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