Top 5 Critical Cosell Marketing GTM Assets You Must Have

A conversation between Cosell Alliance managers always focuses on GTM assets, and this is usually a make-or-break partnership movement. You are judged by your knowledge of what you need to create your Cosell GTM plan.

According to Forrester, the multi-million research and advisory company, it expects that 17% of the B2B spending will go through a marketplace by the end of this year—that’s around $595 billion!

And almost half of the enterprise buyers will be purchasing through marketplaces. The main reason is to take advantage of their committed cloud spend with Cloud Hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, and many more.

However, embarking on a new cosell partnership adventure can be exciting. If you start with having your fundamentals GTM checklist, you are off to the races and unlock access to funding, resources, and customers.  That’s why we have developed a list of the top 5 critical Cosell GTM assets you and your company MUST have:

Ideal Customer Value Proposition: You should have the number one reason why your cloud solution or service is the best option for your perfect customer. This will save you a lot of time and trouble in the future! Invest in identifying the ideal customer profile.

Cosell Solution Brief: Your customers should know what your product is and how much it will cost! Be concise. Nobody likes to guess, and this is one asset every seller wants to have when having conversations with customers.

Joint Press Release: Customer search to see if you have a strategic partnership. Executing a joint press release is extremely helpful for them to get confidence and build trust in doing business with you.

Customer Case Study: Customer implementation stories help potential customers visualize how to take advantage of it. Let your potential clients know how your solution or services have helped past customers achieve their goals.

Dedicated Cosell Landing Page: A must-have asset to help customers know what a joint landing partnership looks like. It’s one of your company’s main assets for driving traffic, improving SEO, and building your brand online. Do you have one already?

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